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SX Mighty Strength

Grip&Grab Adhesive


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Sticks Everything to Everything!*

SX Mighty Strength Grip&Grab Instant Grab Adhesive is easy to apply and has instant grab properties that allow for time-saving application. With an initial bond strength, double that of most adhesives on the market, there’s no need for messing around with clamps, screws or temporary bracing ... saving you time, effort and money.> read more

This incredible instant grab adhesive can be used to assemble and glue almost anything and it is perfect for all signage applications, especially those in extreme and challenging environments.


& will fix and adhere to glass,
wood, enamel, painted surfaces, plaster
board, coated metals, perspex, concrete,
plastics, polycarbonates, PVC, zinc,
stainless steel, copper, lead, anodised
aluminium, epoxy and polyester


It is ideal for vertical bonding
applications such as aluminium
composite panel, elevated signage,
router-cut lettering and much, much more.
It is suited for bonding of most building substrates
but is particular suitable for fixing of large panels.


Simply apply, position and forget

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  • • Initial bond strength double that of most other   grab adhesives
    • Does not sag – no need to support or clamp
    • Highest strength adhesive available – fast curing
    • Remains elastic
    – Ideal for PROBOND applications
    • Vibration and shock resistant
    • Unique V-shaped nozzle to ensure ideal   adhesive depth is extruded
    • Ideal for all vertical applications such as fixing   of aluminium composite panels, signs, router cut   lettering and much, much more!
      Colour: White     Size: 290ml Tube
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& Adhesive has saved me hours
of time on sign installs because I can just put some
on the back of a panel and then stick it to a wall and it’s there to stay. It is the best adhesive out there!

*CPH recommends testing bond prior to application. Refer to Grip&Grab technical data to determine whether this product is suitable for the intended use